A Naked Half Dragon (The Drow Problem)

In this mission we were introduced to the group in the town of Hillcross. A shady figure cloaked in black, Keide Silverknife. A half elf Paladin in hand me down chain-mail, Cortana Baleheim. A elf ranger carrying pots and pans, Erradell Nightgrass, and his wolf. And finally a naked half Dragon wondering the streets for the first time, Aerisu.

Cortana, currently using the alias Corry, and Erradell are buying meat from a market stall. The stall owner is large a rough man with a gravely voice. Down the street heads turn as the completely naked Aerisu walks down it towards the stall. She buys a entire hog and freezes it with her ice breath before eating it.

From a shady ally, Keide watches the events with a curious eye.

A guard slowly walks up to Aerisu and taps on her back. She turns around to look at him. “I’m s-sorry miss b-but I’m going to h-have to ask you to put some cloths on or we w-will have to kick you out of town.” he stammers. She raises an eyebrow “But why would to need to kick me, and why does it matter where the kicking happens” she replies in a confused voice. “Don’t worry about her.” Corry quickly responds “She must be new to … civilization. We’ll make sure she finds some cloths.” “I would not want to offend, and if these are your traditions then I will abide by then to avoid being … kicked.” Aerisu adds. “Good” the guard sighs “there is a tailor at the end of the street next to the brothel.” Erredell leans over to Aerisu “Don’t worry, I was new at one time to, then they showed me what real food was.” She gives him a quizzing look. “Ok. Time to go. Nothing to see here. Just a naked half dragon. That we are going to cloth. Come on.” Corry sarcastically says while pulling Aerisu along by the hand. Erredell trots along with is wolf curiously. In the ally Keide moves to follow the unusual group.

A Naked Half Dragon (The Drow Problem)

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