Silver Dragon


Pronunciation: Yur all ee ah



The great dragon Yuralia was hatched to a unnamed pair of silver dragons in one of the forgotten mountain ranges of the world. From a young age she was fascinated with the humanoid races as with most silver dragons. Her early years were filled with the study of the treasures of her mother’s hoard.
As a young dragon she quickly learned the dragon magic of changing her form and decided that she wanted to see the world in person. She left her home and walked into a village completely naked in a half human half dragon form. From there she was help by some adventurers and when on many adventures with them.

She of course, being a dragon, outlive all of them. Distraught and broken she secluded herself back to a home in the mountains, now with a hoard of her collected treasures from her travels. She cherished those given to her by her friends the most, as her hard new belief was that treasure will last forever, but friends do not.

Not wanting to experience the pain again she secluded herself from the rest of the world. That is until she meet Leoron Dracoseir. The young elf dragonologist managed to get this old dragon laugh, to smile, and to care about someone again. They ended up marring, an unusual pair dragon and elf. Together they had the half dragon Aerisu.

Yuralia was happier then she had been in centuries. She now had a loving husband and a child. That is until Aerisu was about five years old. Leoron had gone to one of the nearby towns, but never returned. She was once again distrait, but this time she had something, her child. She vowed to herself that she would never let anything happen to her Aerisu. From then on everything she did was for her child, the most valuable treasure in her life.


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